Wellington 5th March 2020

2 Workshops this Thursday 


  • Weaponising IoT (The Internet of Things) - Overview

    • Our community is in the process of being weaponised.  The public has access to technology that only governments and high-end corporations previously did.  Now a 12yo child with his pocket money and ill-intent can cause chaos on an unprecedented scale.

    • Learn what technologies are coming and are already here and how they are being weaponised

    • 3 hours / NZD375 (Law Enforcement get 50% discount)

    • Capacity: Min 5 | Max10

    • Wellington, NZ - March 5 - 9.30-12.30



  • Weaponising IoT (The Internet of Things) - Practical 

    • We teach you how to set up and weaponise the Internet of Things (IoT)

    • IoT can be used in offensive and defensive roles and you need to know what you can use and what you need to defend against

    • We will also teach you how to turn the device that everyone carries - the mobile phone - into a powerful tool that can be weaponised in ways that you never realised possible

    • Every participant will receive an IoT device

    • 3 hours / NZD500 (Law Enforcement get 50% discount

    • Capacity: Min 5 | Max 10

    • Wellington, NZ - March 5 - 13.30-16.30


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