How does the Internet work? - for LEAs

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This half-day workshop answers the all-important question... how does the internet actually work? 

There is a lot of misunderstood information out there about what the internet actually is and how it works. During this workshop, you will learn from one of the networking industries best architect and engineers. He will break down all of the misconceptions out there and give you all the knowledge you need to investigate and hopefully prevent harmful incidents.

This LEA series of workshops have been specifically created for the people who are in charge of enforcing law, order and safeguarding the public from what can be very real and catastrophic damage. The content is also appropriate for Security Consultants, Critical Infrastructure providers.

We can hold this workshop in your offices (within 20km of Sydney CBD) with your team or at our facility in the Sydney CBD called the Future Faqtory.

If you would like to book this course but you need another option or more information just email