The Near Future of Crime and Urban Warfare

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Law Enforcement and Emergency Services personnel need to understand how common technology is NOW being weaponised.

Devices are already being sold in your community which empowers criminals, normal citizens in ways that you do not even realise, and at a scale that is hard to comprehend
There are a range of technologies, some now available, some about to be, and others coming soon, that will tip the balance against Emergency Services. 

You know what you know, you sometimes know what you don’t know, but you don’t know what you don’t know. Let us empower you with knowledge of what we know and what the ‘bad guys’ soon will.

This is a free briefing for Law Enforcement/First Responder/Emergency Service and Military personnel

Minimum 25 audience

Can be done in a light format - 60 mins which goes quick and leave no time for questions or 90 mins which does.